Businesses in all industries and of varying sizes receive complaints of workplace discrimination.  Addressing such grievances requires employers to respond appropriately to complaints, as well as to manage subsequent litigation or governmental oversight that may arise as a result of the organization’s response.  Case law illustrates the necessity of promptly and equitably addressing complaints of workplace discrimination in a manner that ensures fairness to all parties.  Informed by our practice in both the public and private sectors, Sanghavi Law Office is uniquely prepared to conduct prompt, thorough, and equitable investigations in the work environment.  Sanghavi Law Office offers a team of attorneys with extensive experience investigating civil rights complaints, and who recognize that investigations into allegations of discrimination can be high-stakes processes, in which procedural safeguards are important for all involved, including the employer.  Our investigators are skilled interviewers, proficient in gathering information as neutral fact-finders, impartially analyzing that information under relevant policies, and explaining the determination in a written report that includes findings of fact, conclusions about whether the alleged conduct occurred, and the rationale for the findings.  Our attorneys have been trained in employment investigations and legal requirements through various organizations, including the Association of Workplace Investigators and the National Business Institute.

Sanghavi Law Office assists employers by investigating complaints of:

  • Sex and gender discrimination, including sexual harassment, sexual assault, and disparate treatment
  • Race discrimination
  • Disability discrimination
  • Retaliation