Sexual Misconduct Investigation Training (Colleges and Universities)

  • Dates (choose one session): Session 1 – August 9 and 10, 2016; Session 2 – August 15 and 16, 2016
  • Intended Participants: Title IX administrators and coordinators, and internal investigators from institutions of higher education
  • Course Summary:  During this training, we will review:
    • Relevant law, guidance, and cases
    • Planning a sexual misconduct investigation
    • Interviewing techniques
    • Using information gathered during the investigation to draft an investigative report

In addition, we will guide participants through a hypothetical investigation during which participants will have the opportunity to conduct case planning, interview parties and witnesses, and discuss how to use the information from the hypothetical investigation to draft a report.  Factors in assessing credibility also will be discussed.

  • Length: One and a half days
  • Cost: $600 per participant (cost includes materials)
  • Location: TBA