Trainings are an essential component of maintaining, and enforcing effective policies for educational institutions. A well-trained staff is critical to ensuring fair, unbiased internal investigations, and to ensuring that an institution is in compliance with state and federal law. Sanghavi Law Office provides trainings for school administrators, staff members and faculty members, investigators, Title IX coordinators, hearing boards, and school counsel.

Our trainings can be structured to an institution’s particular needs, whether for an individual or group, and cover the legal framework of civil rights laws, current trends in litigation and enforcement, and offer hands-on case studies to practice interviewing and analysis skills. During a training, our staff will discuss relevant state and federal laws and cases interpreting them. Participants may be given a sample case to evaluate, and are observed and critiqued in how they interview a witness or conduct a hearing.

Past training topics have included:
• Sexual Misconduct Investigation Training
• Title VI Discrimination Investigation Training
• Individual Trainings in Sexual Harassment and Hostile Environment

Sanghavi Law Office offers a variety of trainings that can be tailored to your school’s needs.  Trainings we can provide include but are not limited to:

  • Title IX and VAWA Basics for Colleges and Universities
  • Title IX Basics for Elementary and Secondary Schools
  • Conducting Title IX Investigations
  • Conducting a Title IX Audit: Evaluating Your School for Title IX Compliance
  • Disability Law Basics
  • Auditing Your School’s Compliance with Disability Law
  • Direct Threat: How to Respond to Students Who Present a Threat to Themselves or Others
  • English Language Learner Programs: Evaluating Compliance with Federal and State Law
  • Ensuring Equal Educational Opportunities for ELLs: Understanding the DOJ/OCR Dear Colleague Letter
  • Getting it Right with ELLs: From Compliance to Commitment
  • School Discipline and Climate Issues: Evaluating School and District Compliance with Title VI

We provide trainings for all staff and faculty members including but not limited to:

  • Investigators
  • Hearing board members
  • Title IX coordinators and staff members
  • 504 coordinators and disability services staff members
  • ELL program directors
  • Public safety
  • Deans
  • General Counsel