Schools and universities have experienced an increased number of discrimination complaints filed by both students and employees. This trend has led to new administrative burdens on schools, both in appropriately responding to complaints, as well as managing subsequent litigation or governmental oversight that may come as a result of a school’s response. Guidance and decisions produced by the United States Department of Education, in addition to emerging caselaw, illustrate the necessity of promptly and equitably addressing complaints of discrimination in a manner that ensures fairness to all parties.

Sanghavi Law Office offers a team of attorneys with extensive experience investigating civil rights complaints, and who recognize that investigations into allegations of discrimination can be high-stakes processes for both complainants and respondents, highlighting the importance of procedural safeguards for the parties. Our investigators are skilled interviewers, gather information as neutral fact-finders, and impartially analyze that information under a school’s relevant policies. Sanghavi Law Office investigates complaints of:

• Sex discrimination, including sexual harassment, sexual assault, and disparate treatment
• Race discrimination
• Disability discrimination
• Retaliation