With the new Title IX regulations in effect as of August 14, 2020, schools need decision-makers to serve as hearing officers to oversee the live hearing process, including, but not limited to, conducting an initial inquiry of parties and witnesses during the hearing, ruling on the appropriateness of questions during cross-examination, reviewing evidence for relevancy, assessing the evidence under the appropriate standard, making a determination, and drafting the written determination, all in a manner that ensures fairness for all parties.  Sanghavi Law Office offers a team of attorneys with extensive experience addressing civil rights complaints, including matters that arise under Title IX.  We understand that the live hearing can be a stressful process for all parties and, therefore, recognize the importance of procedural safeguards throughout the proceedings.  In the role of hearing officer/decision-maker, we draw on our experience as skilled interviewers, proficient in gathering information as neutral fact-finders, impartially analyzing that information under a school’s relevant policies, and explaining the determination in a written report that includes findings of fact, conclusions about whether the alleged conduct occurred, and the rationale for the findings.  Our attorneys have participated in a variety of trainings on the hearing officer/decision-maker role as designated by the new Title IX regulations, and have a strong grasp on the new regulations and their requirements.

Sanghavi Law Office provides neutral and skilled attorneys to serve as hearing officers/decision-makers for complaints arising under Title IX, and also for other complaints regarding discrimination (e.g., race discrimination, disability discrimination) and retaliation for schools that conduct hearings for complaints of this nature.