Sanghavi Law Office assists educational institutions and employers interested in assessing their institutional climate in order to address issues related to equity and inclusion.  Through climate assessments, Sanghavi Law Office assists clients with determining the presence and effects of racial, sexual, or other harassment or discrimination, and assessing the effectiveness of institutions’ responses to complaints or concerns regarding harassment and discrimination.

Institutions may have various reasons for conducting climate assessments.  For example:

  • An institution may suspect that a possible issue is impacting its working or learning climate or equity goals, and, therefore, wants assistance identifying the nature and extent of the issue in order to implement responsive measures. 
  • An institution may wish to undertake a proactive assessment.

Attorneys at Sanghavi Law Office have extensive experience conducting climate assessments and can assist schools and employers in identifying and addressing issues related to climate and equity.

Sanghavi Law Office understands that institutions differ and therefore tailors its climate assessments to the specific needs and culture of each institution.  Below are some of the climate services provided by Sanghavi Law Offices:

  • Conducting focus groups, individual or group interviews, and surveys
  • Reviewing and analyzing policies and procedures to ensure compliance with civil rights law and policy
  • Reviewing and analyzing relevant documentation and data
  • Providing customized reports that include observations and recommendations for internal policies and organizational practices that pertain to goals of equity and inclusion