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Legal Experience

Elizabeth Sanghavi started Sanghavi Law Office, LLC, a firm focused on education issues in elementary, secondary, and post-secondary schools.  The firm conducts investigations regarding harassment based on sex, race, and disability, in addition to providing advice on policies and procedures, and conducting training.

Elizabeth has significant experience conducting internal investigations and advising schools on policies and procedures, having done so for the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights (“OCR”) and in private practice.  Elizabeth conducts internal investigations for public and private secondary and post-secondary schools on a wide range of issues, including sexual violence and harassment, retaliation, and discrimination on the basis of gender, race, and disability.  In addition to her investigative role, Elizabeth reviews and advises on schools’ policies and procedures, and provides guidance on compliance with education-related civil rights laws.  Elizabeth also conducts trainings for school administrators, investigators, and faculty and staff members regarding their responsibilities under civil rights laws and regulations.

Prior to starting Sanghavi Law Office, Elizabeth was a Boston-based attorney at Holland & Knight, where she represented secondary and post-secondary schools on a variety of matters.  Elizabeth also worked as a civil rights attorney with OCR, where she led investigations on sex, disability, and race discrimination.  Elizabeth is licensed to practice in Massachusetts.

Teaching Experience

After earning her Master of Education from George Washington University, Elizabeth taught in a Washington, DC high school, a middle school in the Boston suburbs, and at a high school in Gallup, New Mexico, where she also taught science at the University of New Mexico.


Elizabeth graduated with honors with a degree in sociology from Harvard College, and attended Harvard Law School where she earned her J.D. and worked for the Civil Rights Project on issues relating to school funding equity.  Elizabeth also has a Master of Education from George Washington University.

Elizabeth has participated in multiple trainings, including but not limited to ATIXA’s Civil Rights Investigator training, ATIXA’s Title IX Hearing Officer and Decision-maker training, and MCAD’s Conducting Internal Complaints of Discrimination Investigations training.  Elizabeth is also on United Educators’ list of approved investigators.

Licensed to practice law in Massachusetts. Not admitted to practice law in other states.